Language Puzzle “SH” Sound

P108SH“SH” Sound Puzzle


This puzzle contains initial, medial, and final positions plus blended “SH” sounds.

  • This puzzle contains over 50 target words with the “SH” sound in it.
  • All target words are listed on the puzzle frame in alphabetical order.
  • Can be used with individuals or with groups.
  • Excellent addition to any treatment program.
  • Can be used to focus on speech sound skills (articulation skills), language skills, voice/fluency skills, and/or literacy skills (see below for specific suggestions).
  • This puzzle includes 20 individual pieces.  For younger children or those with special needs you may want to limit the number of puzzle pieces the child has to put in the puzzle.  This would shorten the length of the activity and may make it less frustrating/more enjoyable for the child.





• Auditory bombardment activity (child listens as adult/speech-language pathologist says all target words while highlighting key sound as child puts puzzle together).

• Use for pre-treatment and post-treatment probes.

• Most of the various activities listed below can be modified to the specific level the child is working at (isolation, syllable, word, phrase, sentence, or conversation).

Puzzle Play – As the puzzle is solved, the child names the pictures in the puzzle saying the target sound correctly.

Puzzle Play Variation - Before the child takes a puzzle piece he has to practice his sound using picture cards (cards not included). Once puzzle is completed discuss the puzzle and the many different pictures in it. Highlight the focus sound.

Play “I spy with my little eye something that ______.” The child then describes one of the pictures on the puzzle. The other person guesses the name while saying the sound correctly. Take turns.

Hiding Game - Hide puzzle pieces around room, then have the child practice the target sound as the puzzle is put back together.

Memory – Allow the child to look at the puzzle for several minutes while saying some of the words out loud. Have the child close his eyes and tell you all the things he remembers using the target sound correctly.

Surprise! - Put all the puzzle pieces in a bag or box. The child practices the target sound using picture cards (or whatever you have chosen) then gets to pick a puzzle piece. As puzzle is put together and images begin to form have child name pictures.

Shopping Game – Spread puzzle pieces on the table. The child buys the puzzle pieces from the store clerk (you). The child must use the target sound correctly when asking you and as the puzzle is solved.

• Build vocabulary skills by naming pictures.

• Describing skills – Child describes what is observed in the puzzle using a variety of attributes (e.g. color, size, function, group, etc.).

• Telling stories – Child uses imagination skills to narrate a story of what is happening in the puzzle (e.g. who the characters are, what is happening, where the story is taking place, why things are happening the way they are, etc.)

• Question asking and answering skills

• Conversation starters – Great for generating conversations – e.g. “If you could be any animal/character in the puzzle who would you be? Why?”

• Build literacy skills by drawing child’s attention to the printed target words along puzzle frame. Highlight different ways specific sound is spelled in various words.

• Children who are readers can choose a target word along the puzzle frame to read and then have to find the matching picture in the puzzle.

• Use puzzle without frame, have older children write down all the target words they can find in the puzzle (set a time limit). Whoever finds the most words wins.

Variation - This can be modified to be a more cooperative activity by having the children work together to find as many target words as they can. An adult or one of the children can write the answers down. Children can help spell the words.

• Practice using skills while naming pictures, asking questions, using sentences, describing, etc.
• This puzzle has been carefully designed to help children improve their speech sound skills (articulation skills). It is one in a series of puzzles each focusing on a specific speech sound. The puzzle illustrations depict colorful scenes, characters, and actions that present many opportunities to use the specific sound. The carefully chosen words around the outside edge of the puzzle are all contained within the puzzle image. Each word contains at least one occurrence of the particular speech sound. As the child solves the jigsaw puzzle he identifies the animals, scenery, actions, etc. using the specific speech sound correctly.

• For greatest effectiveness this product should be used in conjunction with the assistance of a trained speech-language pathologist. She can provide you with suggestions on how to use this puzzle to best meet your child’s particular speech and language needs.

• We hope that you enjoy the use of this puzzle to enhance your child’s speech and language skills!

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